veteran's program

In an effort to give back to those who have served our country, Lake View Cemetery established a special section for veterans’ burials, along with a program to assist with the cost.  Through Lake View’s Veterans’ Program, all honorably discharged veterans are entitled to receive a free burial space for themselves.  Veterans’ spouses can also be interred in the Veterans’ Section, but must occupy the same grave, which is accomplished by purchasing a “Second Right of Interment” and a double-depth burial vault.

Veterans can also choose to locate their burial spaces in any other part of the Cemetery.  In doing so, the value of a Veterans’ Section space becomes a discount off the purchase price of a regular space.

Another way that veterans are honored is with a free grave marker from the VA.  These are the same tablet-type markers used in national cemeteries throughout the United States, and are large enough to accommodate both the veteran’s and the spouse’s information.

If you would like more information on our Veterans’ Program, please call 216-421-2665 and ask to speak to a Memorial Advisor, or email your request to