Most cemeteries require the use of a vault (also known as an "outer burial container") for ground burial. The primary purpose of a vault is to prevent the soil surrounding the casket from settling over a period of time. Ground settling can be a serious problem that will effect the stability of memorials and the cost of continued maintenance. Vaults also serve to help protect the casket from the natural elements of the earth.

Features to Look For:

Like most products, quality and features determine price. The price of the vaults range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The following is a list of factors that determine the value of a particular vault over another. When purchasing a vault, you should consider which of these items are most important to you...

  • Wall and Lid Thickness
  • Type of Reinforcement
  • Sealing Capability of Lid
  • Type of Inner Liner (if any)
  • Decorative Paint and Accessories

Advantages to Pre-Arrangement:

Selecting a vault before the time of need is simply one more obligation, and expense, that will not have to be faced when the need does occur. Today, you are able to ask questions and make informed of emotion or the burden of bereavement. What's more, the price will never be lower because the effects of inflation are totally avoided.

Most pre need arrangements can be financed over time; thus preserving future life insurance proceeds or savings for other uses. State law dictates how the money you pay now will be trusted to assure your investment will be there when needed.

Keystone vaultKeystone
The Keystone features a stainless steel liner and lid top and has a textured exterior. The lid interlocks with the base to form a tight seal. Available in silver lid, blush color lid and with veterans decoration. Average weight 2300 lbs.

Cambridge vaultCambridge
This is one of two vaults offered that use a semi-precious metal for added protection and increased beauty. Selections are available in copper or bronze liner and lid top. Average weight 2300 lbs.


Westminster vaultWestminster
The gothic window design of the lid makes this vault one of the most unique offered. The inner liner of the vault and lid simulates fine, imported marble. Average weight 2150 lbs.

Mark III vaultMark III
The lid of this top seal vault, which is 3" thick and steel reinforced, is designed to interlock with the body to provide tongue and groove sealing protection. Average weight 2000 lbs.



Brentwood vaultBrentwood
Our most popular liner vault features a seamless polystyrene liner designed to interlock the arched lid and body. Brentwood Deluxe includes decorative handles. Average weight 2150 lbs.