Lake View Cemetery Association & Foundation

Lake View Cemetery, founded in 1869, is known as Cleveland's "Outdoor Museum and Arboretum."


Core Values Statement
The following values will serve as the guiding principles for The Lake View Cemetery Association:


  • We respect the dignity of those we serve and with whom we work.
  • We treat those we serve with compassion, empathy and courtesy


  • We make the customer our primary consideration in offering services.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in providing quality services.
  • We expect all employees and volunteers to project a positive, optimistic, and professional image.
  • We are guided by the highest ethical standards.
  • We demand accountability at all organizational levels
  • We demonstrate honesty in all our relationships.


  • We expect the best from each other.
  • We create an environment for cooperation in pursuing shared goals.
  • We value other people‚Äôs opinions in our decision-making.


  • We make fiduciary responsibility a prime goal of effective governance.
  • We insist on the most effective use of our resources.
  • We are vigilant in demonstrating our appreciation to all donors and contributors.

Vision Statement
The Lake View Cemetery Association is a provider of interment services to all races and religions. It is committed to preserving the cemetery, a nationally recognized landmark, as an historic burial ground that creates a welcoming environment to bereaved families and provides education programs in its historic setting. In pursuing this vision, The Lake View Cemetery Association preserves and honors the heritage of past generations, serves and respects the needs of the present generation, and provides a legacy for future generations.

Association Executive Committee
David C. Fulton
David K Ford, Jr
Vice Chariman
Peter W. Abrams Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Dixon Morgan, Jr.
David A. Osborne, Jr. William O. Tuttle


The Lake View Cemetery Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of The Lake View Cemetery Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization, is for the purpose of maintaining, preserving and enhancing, for the benefit of the general public, the historically and architecturally significant buildings, monuments and areas located within, and the horticulture, botanical gardens, and landscape of Lake View Cemetery and provide education outreach programs.

Foundation Board of Trustees
William O. Tuttle
Clara D. Sherwin
Vice President
Henri Pell Junod, Jr.
Alexander S. Taylor, II
William G. Batcheller
Assistant Treasurer
Katharine A. Goss William McK. Osborne, Jr.
Kermit J. Pike Sherrill Paul Witt