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Since its very beginning in 1869, Lake View Cemetery has focused its energies to creating one of the most beautiful and historically significant cemeteries in the United States. We pride ourselves in the care and maintenance of the cemetery. When one purchases grave spaces, a portion of the cost goes into an endowment for the care and maintenance of the cemetery now and into the future. The following are services that our staff is dedicated in delivering to our families with quality care, honor and respect.

Grave Maintenance
Lake View Cemetery understands how important it is for grave sites of loved ones to appear neat, and manicured. Following a burial, the grounds staff will prepare the grave for seeding by filling, leveling and tamping the soil. The timing of this process varies due to weather conditions however generally this will take up to a week after the interment. Winter burials will be attended to as the weather permits. The ideal times to seed are in the spring and fall, although occasionally summer seeding has occurred if not too hot and dry. It is not unusual for a grave to continue to settle over time, these will be attended as needed.

Funeral flowers are generally removed within one week of the interment, weather permitting. If you have a question or concern, contact us by using the Customer Request Form below or by calling the office at 216-421-2665.

Headstone Maintenance

Headstone Cleaning
Time and weather have a way of discoloring the appearance of headstones and monuments. Mold, algae, acid rain, and general deterioration eventually take their toll on even the finest grades of granite and marble. The staff at Lake View can restore the memorials to their original beauty at the following reasonable rates:

$75 for single headstones
$105 for double headstones
$50 for additional headstones on the same lot

Very large memorials, obelisks, family mausoleums, and benches will require special pricing. Scheduling of cleaning will be from May through October. If you have a question or concern, contact us by using the Customer Request Form below or by calling the office at 216-421-2665.

Headstone Straightening, Leveling and Repair
Occasionally repair or leveling is needed for a headstone or monument. Our staff will straighten level or repair your stone upon request.


Flowers, Vases and Wreaths
At Lake View Cemetery, we realize the importance of floral memorialization for your loved ones. Fresh cut flowers are available for sale at the office from April through October. A variety of winter wreaths, potted plants and flower vases are available for sale by using the Customer Request Form below or by calling the office at 216-421-2665.

To better assist you with your floral placements, and to preserve the natural beauty of the Cemetery, we are providing the following rules and removal schedule. All flower placements will be removed weekly on Monday’s, except as noted below.

Rules and Regulations Summar

  1. Fresh cut flowers in permanent holders are encouraged throughout the year. Artificial flowers and decorations are not permitted except from November through March. Non-floral, stand-alone decorations are not permitted (e.g. balloons, pinwheels, shepherd’s hooks, holiday placards, trinkets, statues or garden/stepping stones) and will be removed onsite.
  2. Decorating the surrounding trees, shrubs or landscape with holiday ornaments, streamers, wind chimes, birdfeeders, etc., is not permitted.
  3. Potted plants will be permitted upon lots and graves only on Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day, and will remain for a week following the holiday.
  4. Flowers not in a permanent container will be removed. Weather permitting, wreaths and winter decorations will be removed beginning February 1st or when they become unsightly.

2010 Flower Removal Schedule

Click here to download the flower removal schedule

Note: Exceptions can be made with prior approval for special occasions. At certain times during the year, however, it may not be possible for the Cemetery to make removals due to unforeseen circumstances. This decision remains at the discretion of Lake View Cemetery.

Plantings of various types are permitted at Lake View Cemetery. Cemetery employees will complete all plantings and preparations for plantings, unless otherwise authorized by cemetery management. The following types of plantings are allowed at Lake View Cemetery.

Flower Beds
The cemetery allows the planting of flowers in designated beds and vases on any section. Beds are oval shaped, range in size from three to six feet and are located on graves. In some cases, beds may be located in designated shrub beds or in front of monuments but first must be approved. One type of annual flower approved by the cemetery will be planted in these beds.

All flowerbeds will be planted before Memorial Day, if paid in advance. Bulbs, including daffodils or tulips, may be planted in beds in the fall. Cemetery employees will complete all preparation and planting of flowerbeds, unless otherwise authorized. Prices for flowerbeds may be obtained from the cemetery office.

Ivy Beds
Ivy beds are permitted on graves only in designated sections. Ivy beds are six feet in length starting below the headstone and are at least as wide as a single headstone. Cemetery employees will plant a hardy variety of ivy. Other ground cover including myrtle will not be permitted on any grave in the cemetery except where a like planting already exists on other graves on the lot. The location of sections allowing ivy, as well as the prices for the planting of ivy beds, may be obtained from the office.

For the above plantings of flowers or ivy, a fee-for-care will be charged annually. Failure to pay the annual care as it becomes due will result in the removal of the bed.

Trees and Shrubs
Permanent plantings of trees and shrubs are usually made before a section is offered for sale. Further permanent plantings may be permitted only at the discretion of management and completed by cemetery personnel. Where designated, shrub beds around lots may be redesigned and planted when authorized by management; permanent plantings are not permitted upon a grave. Trees purchased for memorialization may be planted throughout the cemetery. When permission for permanent plants has been obtained, the trees or shrubs planted become the property of the Cemetery. Information on memorializing a tree may be obtained from the office.

Potted Plants
Potted plants (i.e. chrysanthemums, azaleas and mixed annuals) may be purchased through the cemetery for any occasion throughout the year. This service includes placement on the grave. Potted plants may remain on a grave until the next clean up. Appropriate flowers are available for holiday placement.

For additional information or to request special plantings, contact us by using the Customer Request Form below or by calling the office at 216-421-2665.


Thank you for giving us an opportunity to do what we do best – helping our families and customers. Grounds care is a continual concern at Lake View. We welcome any suggestions for improvement and assure you they will be given our full attention. Please fill out the form below with your requests or concerns.