Memorialization Options

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The Lake View Cemetery provides various options in granite memorialization - from private mausoleums and sarcophagi, to monuments and headstone memorials. By purchasing granite through the Cemetery, the money spent here stays here to assist in preserving the great legacy and tradition of Lake View.

By dealing directly with the stone quarries, the Cemetery has the ability to provide you with the best quality granite at the best possible price.  We are able to meet all of your granite needs with a vast array of colors and designs, in a broad range of prices. Stop in our office to browse our fine collection and review the many beautiful options available.

All memorials at Lake View Cemetery are installed upon a solid, poured-in-place concrete foundation at a minimum of 16” deep to assure of its long term stability.
Flush Markers:
 A flush marker is a memorial that is 4” thick and lies at grade level with the ground.  It is available in two sizes, either 24” x 12” for a single remembrance or 48” x 12” for a double remembrance. 

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Bevel Markers:
A bevel marker is a memorial that is 8” thick in the back and tapers to 7” thick in the front, hence the “bevel” connotation.   A bevel marker is set into the ground 4 inches.  They are also available in two sizes, 24 x 12 for a single and 48” x 12” for a double.

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Slant Markers:
A slant marker is a memorial that measures 16” in the back and with a slant that extends to the front to a height of 4”.  Slant markers are also set 4” into the ground and come in the same two sizes of 24” long and 48” inches long.

To view image Gallery of Slant markers click here.

A monument is a larger memorial placed on a lot as a lasting tribute to the life of the person or persons buried within.  The monuments placed throughout Lake View are some of the most elegant and artistic works of art carved in stone, often designed to reflect the character and achievements of an individual or family.

At Lake View, we pride ourselves in the quality of pre-designed monuments available for selection.  Working with one of our Memorial Advisors to customize a monument is also encouraged, and easily accomplished.  The options are endless.

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A bench may be used for memorialization in the same manner as a monument would within a specially-designated lot.  Benches have also been purchased and placed in areas that were meaningful to a loved one, such as around Wade and Dempsey Lakes, and on our Nature Trail.

Please note, in order to have a monument or bench, the lot purchased must be large enough to accommodate at least two interments, as well as a monument.

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Private Family Mausoleums
Private mausoleums are also a dignified and aesthetic way to memorialize your loved ones.  Mausoleums often resemble small residences, as individual compartments are stacked one-atop-another to create the appearance of a multi-level building.  Lake View is home to seventy-eight, architecturally-designed estates, each constructed to accommodate any number of casketed or cremated remains.

A sarcophagus is an above ground crypt that is large enough to house full-casketed remains.  Sarcophagi may be constructed for one or more individuals with the remains of each person placed in a separate crypt.

Feel free to browse our vast selection or memorials, mausoleums, and sarcophagi in the gallery links below each type.  If you would like more information, please call 216-421-2665
and ask to speak to one of our Memorial Advisors, or email your request to