School Visits to Lake View Cemetery

Lake View Cemetery is private property, and all visitors are asked to respect the privacy of our families and their family members buried here. While still an active cemetery, we do encourage the general public to visit Cleveland’s “Outdoor Museum and Arboretum.”

lake view cemetery school toursOur rules and regulations permit public tours, hikes and picnics, as long as they do not interfere with or disrupt interment services. Advance permission and scheduling for these activities are required by Cemetery management, which may be obtained by contacting the Community Relations Department at 216-421-2665, or by emailing Through advance scheduling, our Community Relations Department will be able to assist in meeting your expectations for your visit to Lake View including informing you of road closures, funeral/wedding schedules and other groups that will be visiting Lake View that day. The earlier your visit is scheduled, the better chance of getting the date and time you request.

A visit to Lake View is a rich experience stimulating thinking and deepening an appreciation for life. We hope that school groups will develop:

  • An appreciation for those who have gone before us – famous and not famous
  • An understanding about history through the study of people buried at Lake View
  • An understanding and appreciation of architecture
  • An interest in sculpture
  • An understanding of flora, fauna and land
  • Learning through an interdisciplinary approach
  • Communication skills – oral and written

Scheduling a Guided School Tour

Tours are scheduled between 9:00 and 2:30 p.m, April 1st through November 19, seven days a week.

Walking Tours:
A private docent-led historic tour, lasting 1 ½ hours in length, may be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by calling Mary at 216-421-2665, or Your group must have a minimum of 12 people and should be prepared to walk for the entire tour. Walking tour groups meet at the Garfield Monument, and include stops inside both the Wade Chapel and the Garfield Monument.

We can provide one docent per 30 students with a limit of four docents per school. We request two chaperones or teachers per every 30 students. If the school requires a smaller ratio of chaperones to students, we will, of course do our best to honor your requirements.

There is no cost for a privately scheduled walking tour; however, a suggested donation of $3.00 per person to The Lake View Cemetery Foundation is appreciated.

Bus Tours:
A private, docent- led historic tour, lasting 1 ½ hours in length may be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by calling Mary at 216-421-2665 or Your group must provide their own transportation, i.e, a motor coach or school bus. Bus tours meet at our office (12316 Euclid Avenue), and include stops inside both the Wade Chapel and the Garfield Monument. We request no more than 4 buses from the same school on the same day for tours.

If there is a specific focus for your tour, please let us know. We will be willing to assist you in meeting your special needs.

There is no cost for the privately scheduled bus tours; however, a suggested donation of $3.00 per person to The Lake View Cemetery Foundation is appreciated.

Schools can also plan their visit to cover inter-disciplinary activities. We will be more than happy to work with your group as you develop your curriculum for your visit.


We will have a volunteer docent assigned to your tour. The docent, with the guidance from the Director of Community Relations, plans the order of the tour and may choose to re-route the stops because of a funeral or other circumstances. The docent may review behavioral expectations with your group, but is not to become the disciplinarian. If students are noisy or disorderly, the docent will ask for teacher support in quieting and controlling the students. The docent has the authority to suspend the tour if students are disruptive.

Students must conduct themselves with respect as they are visiting an active cemetery.

lake view cemetery school tourStudents are permitted to bring a lunch and eat on the steps of the Garfield Monument; we request that the students eat on ½ of the stairs so that other people visiting the building can walk easily up the steps to the building. In the event of rain, the students can eat lunch on their bus. Trash containers are located around the Garfield Monument for students to dispose of their debris.

One highlight of the tour is a visit to the outdoor balcony at the Garfield Monument. We request that teachers be present with their students on the balcony. We also request no loud voices, leaning on the railings, rocking loose stones, or throwing things off the balcony. (Remember we are an active cemetery and voices carry, we do not want to upset a family as they bury a loved one).

It is important to remember while we are walking at the Cemetery that our roads are just like city streets. We will ask students to walk facing traffic, no more than 2-3 abreast. Please do not take over the road, as an active cemetery we have vehicles that need to travel in the Cemetery to fulfill cemetery business.

Students may take photographs in both the Garfield Monument and Wade Chapel, and elsewhere on the property. We request, however, they do not take photos of funerals, individual mourners, or names on headstones.

Headstone rubbings are allowed. Most groups bring in flip chart paper and crayons for the students to do the rubbings. A group will need to allow extra time for this activity.

Students may purchase educational and souvenir items at the Garfield Monument. We have a wide variety of books, postcards, pencils, etc. available for sale. If a large number of students are making one-item purchases, such as pencils, it would be helpful for the teacher to consolidate the purchases into one transaction. Please discuss this arrangement with the Community Relations Department in advance (pricing information is available on request). If this is to be a math exercise, please relate this to the Community Relations Director also so that we may make the exercise manageable for your class and Lake View.

Lake View Cemetery strives to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone that visits. Following these guidelines helps ensure a meaningful field trip. We will be very happy to discuss the specific needs of your group.

Seasons of Life and Learning, our Educator’s Handbook was developed by teachers for teachers. The book provides wonderful resources for your visit to Lake View Cemetery. To request a free copy, please email