Private Family Mausoleums

Private Family Mausoleums and Sarcophagi memorialize and celebrate the legacies of people and families in the most dignified and esthetic manner. Lake View Cemetery is home to seventy eight private estate buildings. In addition to the private estate buildings there are many above ground entombments spread throughout the grounds here at Lake View.

Private Family Mausoleums
Mausolems can be built and customized to fit your desires. Please browse through our selection below of Private Family Mausoleums. If you would like to speak with a Memorial advisor regarding private family mausoleums, please call Lake View Cemetery at 216-421-2665, or send your email request to

A sarcophagus is an above ground crypt that’s large enough to house full-casketed remains.  Sarcophagi may be constructed for one or more individuals, however the remains of each person are placed in a separate crypt.

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