The Lake View Cemetery Association Rules and Regulations Summary

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Fresh cut flowers in permanent holders are encouraged throughout the year. Artificial flowers and decorations are not permitted except from November through March. Non-floral, stand-alone decorations are not permitted (e.g. balloons, pinwheels, shepherd’s hooks, holiday placards, trinkets, statues or garden/stepping stones).
  2. Fresh cut flowers are available for sale at the office. A variety of winter wreaths, potted plants for holidays and flower vases are available for sale by contacting the office.
  3. Decorating the surrounding trees, shrubs or landscape with holiday ornaments, streamers, wind chimes, birdfeeders, etc., is prohibited.
  4. Potted plants will be permitted upon lots and graves only at Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day, to remain until the following Monday.
  5. Flowers not in a permanent container will be removed. Please refer to the Flower Removal Schedule Weather permitting, wreaths and winter decorations will be removed beginning February 1st or when they become unsightly.
  6. Flowerbeds are permitted on every grave space (except cremation lots) in the Cemetery and require an annual care maintenance fee. Contact the Cemetery office for a list of the types and costs of flowers and fees. All unauthorized planting will be removed without notice.
  7. Ivy beds are allowed only in specified sections and must be approved by the Cemetery.
  8. Mausoleum decorations or flowers are not permitted on individual crypts and niches. Memorial flowers and plants in designated planters found within the Community Mausoleum may be purchased through the office.
  9. Graves from recent interments are leveled and seeded as weather permits. Funeral flowers are removed when unsightly or when maintenance is required.
  10. Headstones can be placed only on graves for which full payment has been made. All headstones upon a lot shall be uniform in material, color, form, size and inscription and, whenever possible, shall be of the same stock as the monument (if any) except for government headstones. Examples of memorial displays are available for sale at the Cemetery office.  
  11. Headstones, footstones and monuments are the property of the customer. Memorial appearance and maintenance are the owner’s responsibility. Cleaning and restoration services may be purchased through the Cemetery office.
  12. Dogs must be leashed at all times for their safety and for other visitors. Clean up of feces is the responsibility of the owner. Please be respectful and walk along the roads and not in the sections.
  13. Speed limits of fifteen (15) miles per hour are posted and must be observed for the safety of all persons on Cemetery grounds.
  14. Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. must be walked while on the Cemetery grounds unless otherwise supervised and approved by Cemetery management.

Grounds care is a continual concern at Lake View. We welcome any suggestions for improvement and assure you they will be given our full attention.

For a complete set of Rules and Regulations, inquire at the office.